Sunday, 3 March 2013

Meet Riddhi - Thunderbolt Teen Drama Student Biography

Riddhi Dua - Thunderbolt Teen Drama Student - Greg Bepper's Thunderbolt Theatre & Film Productions Drama School

Why I love acting

I love acting because I like being a different person everytime I get on that stage. i get to be in another world. I don't get to be my dull self, I get to be an interesting character.

Thunderbolt Drama Classes

I love drama classes because they're always fun. All of us get along so well. Here, we're always laughing and we don't judge each other. 


Thunderbolt Credits

2013 - The Teen Age - played Jane in 'Headspace Bully' 
2013 - Performing 'Lonely in the  Crowd' as Nieve in Against Type: 9 Teen Monologues
2013 - Terms 1 & 2  Thunderbolt Teen Drama Class Hornsby
2012 - Teenage Theatre Co*
2011 - TV & Film Workshop*
2011 - Character Clowning 4 Kids*
2010-12 - 6 x School Holiday Junior Theatre Workshops*
2010-12 - ImproMania*

* Thunderbolt Theatre in association with Hornsby PCYC

Greg's Notes

Riddhi holds the record, and was awarded for the most consecutive School Holiday Junior Theatre Workshops commencing in 2010. Six in all.

Like the majority of my Hornsby students, I have guided Riddhi through the art of acting over a few years... so far. Through this time I have seen her enthusiasm and talent grow from strength to strength.

One of the areas she excels is theatrical mime. From the very beginning Riddhi has been able to present this art with an enormous amount of skill and delicacy for her age.

To have Riddhi join me in the current Thunderbolt Teen Drama Class is going to be an experience of watching her acting skills develop as she matures.

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