Sunday, 3 March 2013

Meet Lanni - Thunderbolt Teen Drama Student Biography

Lanni Strong  - Thunderbolt Teen Drama Student - Greg Bepper's Thunderbolt Theatre & Film Productions Drama School

Why I love acting

I love acting because it gives me a chance to be someone else and puts me in a completely different world.

Thunderbolt Drama Classes

I like drama class because they're always great, and it gives me a chance to become more confident and be myself.

Thunderbolt Credits

2013 - The Teen Age - played Eve in 'Peering Pressure'
2013 - Performing 'Thin Line' as Sammie in Against Type: 9 Teen Monologues
2013 - Terms 1 & 2 - Thunderbolt Teen Drama Class Hornsby 

2012 - Opening Term Thunderbolt Teen Drama Class Hornsby
2012 - Apprentice's 5 The Tailors Torment* - (The Sorcerer) - Kirkwood Theatre, Waitara NSW Australia
2010-12 - Foundation Member Teenage Theatre Co*
2010-12 - School Holiday Junior Theatre Workshops*

* Thunderbolt Theatre in association with Hornsby PCYC

Greg's Notes

Lanni first joined me as a Foundation Member of my Teenage Theatre Company in 2010. Through those years I witnessed her not only grow as a performer but in confidence generally.

Her greatest attribute is her wonderful smile and happy disposition. This transcends beyond the stage during performances.

Lanni's portrayal of The Sorcerer in the 2012 production of 'Apprentice's 5 The Tailors Torment' provided an important balance between all of the characters.

Nothing pleased me more than to have Lanii continue to learn the art of acting through my current Thunderbolt Teen Drama Class. 

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