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Meet Lizzie - Thunderbolt Teen Drama Student Biography

Elizabeth Gracie - Thunderbolt Teen Drama Student - Greg Bepper's Thunderbolt Theatre & Film Productions Drama School

Why I love acting

Where do I even begin?! I'm normally a very shy, quiet type of person, but that changed when I begun acting/drama. I love acting and drama classes on the weekend because they have helped me discover myself better as a person and have completely changed my very small outlook on life.

Thunderbolt Drama Classes

The things I've learnt in the past 2 years since I joined Greg for Drama classes are numerous in number and have really opened my eyes to the world around me. I love acting because I can be anyone I want to and I can go and do anything I want and not be ashamed of that.

I have so much fun every weekend and Drama has really helped me gain more confidence. I also love Drama/Acting because I can escape the real world for just a little while and escape to another, which can be as outrageous and crazy as I like. Drama and Acting has made me feel happy with who I am and proud of myself for what I have accomplished.


Thunderbolt Credits

2013 - The Teen Age - played Amanda in 'Peering Pressure' 
2013 - Performing 'Party Girl' as Annabelle in Against Type: 9 Teen Monologues
2013 - Terms 1 & 2  Thunderbolt Teen Drama Class Hornsby
2012 - Opening Thunderbolt Teen Drama Class Hornsby
2012 - Blood Sisters* - (Velvet) - Kirkwood Theatre, Waitara, NSW Waitara
2011-12 - Teenage Theatre Co*

* Thunderbolt Theatre in association with Hornsby PCYC

Greg's Notes

In Lizzie's her own words (above) she was indeed very shy when she joined my Teenage Theatre Company back in 2011. And she had the attention span of a gnat. BUT through the past years, the ducking has become a swan.

In the 2012 production of 'Blood Sisters' as Velvet, Lizzie grew in confidence through each performance and began to understand the value of 'being in the moment'.

Since her return to my current Thunderbolt Teen Drama Class I have witnessed an amazing growth in technique application and confidence in her own ability.

I'm looking forward to being on this journey with Lizzie for I feel I have only seen the 'tip of the iceberg' to her potential.

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