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Meet Brittany - Thunderbolt Teen Drama Student Biography

Brittany Wynn - Teen Drama Student - Greg Bepper's Theunderbolt Theatre & Film Productions Drama School

Why I love acting

I love drama class because I can be anyone I want to be. I can be someone else even if its just for a short time. I can forget about my problems and worries and have fun and not be judged for being different

Thunderbolt Drama Classes

I can be as out there as I want and feel accepted. It has given me confidence that I never knew I had. I now have the strength to challenge myself and feel good about myself. It has helped me to relate to people and be strong and stand up for myself.

Thunderbolt Credits

2013 - The Teen Age - played Mandy in 'Heartbreak' 

2013 - Performing 'Private Hell' as Vicky in Against Type: 9 Teen Monologues
2013 - Term 1 Thunderbolt Teen Drama Class Hornsby
2012 - Opening Term Thunderbolt Theatre Teen Drama Class

2012 - Apprentice's 5 The Tailors Torment* - (The Farm Girl) - Kirkwood Theatre, Waitara NSW Australia
2011 - Spirit of Madness* - (Brittany) - Kirkwood Theatre
, Waitara NSW Australia 
2010-12 - Foundation Member Teenage Theatre Co*
2010-12 - 6 x School Holiday Junior Theatre Workshops*
2011 - TV & Film Acting Workshop*

 * Thunderbolt Theatre in association with Hornsby PCYC

Greg's Notes

At 12 years old Brittany joined me in 2010 for my inaugural School Holiday Junior Theatre Workshop. During that initial week I saw a spark of magic that in later years was to be the warmth in performance that is our Brittany.

Whether it be on stage or as was certainly present during my TV & Film Workshop in 2011 she attended, on screen, Brittany draws you into every performance.

For me one of her best performances was a Mother Nature at a Junior Theatre Workshop. She still holds the best line in an improvisation; "I don't know how they can call this Christmas Island. I haven't received one present yet!"

Nothing makes me prouder that to have her continue with me through the present Thunderbolt Theatre Teen Drama Class. I feel the best is yet to come from Our Brittany

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