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Meet Angus - Thunderbolt Teen Drama Student Biography


Why I love acting
I love acting for two reasons. Firstly, It is always a great joy to pretend to be someone else, someone who you could never be normally. And secondly, I'm a terrible egotist who loves the sound of his own voice.

Thunderbolt Drama Classes
I like drama class because it's incredibly good fun. It's nice to be around people who really don't care if you end up looking like a fool, and who are all there for the same reason.

Thunderbolt Credits

2013 - The Teen Age - played Pip in 'Greater Expectations' 

2013 - Term 2 Thunderbolt Teen Drama Class Hornsby
2012 - Under the Bridge season 2* - (Busker, Cleaner, Alex) Kirkwood Theatre
2012 - Directed 'Blood Sisters'* - Kirkwood Theatre
2011 - Apprentice's 5 The Knights Quest* - (The Knight)- Kirkwood Theatre
2011-12 - 4 x School Holiday Junior Theatre Workshops*

* Thunderbolt Theatre in association with Hornsby PCYC

Greg's Notes

I first Angus in 2011 when he joined the Teenage Theatre Company. He was immediately thrown into the deep end as understudy to Tobias as The Knight in the first plays of the pentology 'Apprentice's 5'. The opportunity did arise for him to perform in this role during the season. A performance that was received very well by the audience although Angus has vowed he will never wear tights again.

Through the subsequent years I have seen him grow as an actor way beyond his years. He has a great understanding of theatrics. This was shown in his directorial debut of the Teenage Theatre Company's production of 'Blood Sisters' for which he was awarded the companies Wherett Award for direction.

In 2012 I had the enormous pleasure of directing and appearing with Angus on stage in the return season production of my play 'Under the Bridge'. His portrayal of the 3 characters he played were convincing in particular Alex, a 23 year old as Angus was only 15 at the time.

I was so pleased that Angus could joined the current Thunderbolt Teen Theatre Drama class, especially as it is his HSC year.

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